My first 3D Soccer Match

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On 5th of May I went to watch at a theater my favorite soccer team AS Roma versus Inter in the first 3D Italian satellite transmission for the Italian Cup final match.

It was filmed from RAI (Italian Public Television) with 16 additional 3D cameras and transmitted encrypted over satellite live in “the space cinema” theaters in Rome, Milan and other city.

We lost and was a boxe match instead of a soccer show, so I’ll focus myself to review the technical impression of this new standard.

The first thing is “I hate the glasses!!!” and I think that for someone that already need it, the second pair to put over it’s not so comfortable.

This device help you to concentrate yourself on the show but divide you by your friend, in a cinema it’s ok but at house I don’t think it’s a good idea.

The glasses at the Moderno Cinema, where me and my wife went, are the most common RealD Glasses, it works with a circular polarization. This system is composed by a single projector at 72fps with alternate left and right image and a filter (from Polaroid) that polarize left and right image in opposite way.

This is very cheap from the glasses side but decreasing brightness from image needing a special “silverscreen” (so called for the presence of the silver metal in the material) that reflect very well and cost much more than normal screen.

The static shots are impressive a so deep image that you can feel near your favorite soccer player, when image are close to the game you can live the match like at the side of the field and understand the situation from their point of view better than with a flat image.

Different is the result with wide shots and fast camera movements where the ball becomes long, the borders are not so clear and the ghosting image of player and object is too strong to enjoy the match.

In my opinion this technology is not already mature for this kind of sport but, like for the films, it promises a wonderful future for a new way to fell pleasure from our “old favorites shows”.


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