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Last week-end my aunt, Manuela, asked me for a new PC and  my answer was “what kind of game do you use? “, YES the most power demanding application on Home PC are games and 3D Games are the power eater. Her answer was only 2D game (card game, mahjong etc.) and I want to use it to watch Film and to listen music. For a general purpose PC the actual choice is an Intel i3 with a lot of ram and a medium Graphic Card, large hard drive and a large Full HD screen.

Box imedia

I got the imedia s3800 packed with a 22″ Monitor Viseo 220DX from Packard Bell at a price near 700€.

UnBox imedia

As you can see, the case is very small, glossy and with a useful bay over the top to accommodate an external hard drive or a camera.

Connection imedia

All the connection you need is present from USB to eSata, from HDMI to DVI.

The mouse is a Logitech standard 3 button mouse, the keyboard has some multimedia function keys but it is cheap.

Internal imedia

The internal engineering is good with a very silent cooler master CPU Fan and a small Power supply, all the memory bank is used but if you want you can change the Graphics card with another single slot device.

Power Supply imedia
The power supply is a 250W and all the system is very low power demand.

Monitor imedia

The monitor has a linear design with a glossy finish like the case. It is a good 22″ with 5ms response and with digital and analog input. A stereo input for the clear and enough loud speakers put in the top back is integrated.


descrizione pc imedia

The computer has two cores with hypertrheading, is fast in every task and the 6 GByte of RAM with Windows 7 home premium 64 bit are enough.

performance pc imedia

Only the nVidia GeForce 310 limit the use of the PC with game and graphic applications like 3D Studio, as the value of the “windows benchmark” reveal. You can find here a benchmark of the system.

You can find better PC and Monitor set with the same price but with less appeal, not so quiet and without the bundled software.


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