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Last march I’ve upgraded to SR 1.1 my NAS, a Smartstor NS4600N bought in December to substitute a Promise Smartstor NS4300N.



Since the end of this operation the NAS became unstable. As you can read in the avsforum, the expert of Promise Technologies, nick name PromiseNasDude, writes of the problems with Service Release 1 and  1.1. These new releases have introduced a lot of new features but also some problem with the old DLNA and BitTorrent Plug-In (the only two that I need):

  • New GUI Interface
  • iSCSI Target support
  • Web File Management Center
  • DLNA 1.5 Certified
  • Squeezebox server support
  • Web based Download Center
  • Schedule external drive backup/restoreMore power saving features

You can’t downgrade from this release, Promise has changed my unit with a new one and waiting the next S.R. to upgrade I’ll write about the test of some hardware features very interesting:

  1. Online RAID Expansion
  2. Gigabit Performance
  3. e-Sata Port

I’ve already tree 750 GB Hard Drive configured in a RAID 5 array, I’ve bought the forth and I’ve tried to Expand the 1.385GByte array.


The new drive is different from the others, is a 750GByte Samsung; the edit settings needed to expand the array after the new disk was inserted are as simple as you can image from the next picture.


It is slow, it need about one day, but all the data remain available during the upgrade and everything’s gone well!

Another improvement over the NS4300N is the transfer rate over the integrated Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, with a 591MBit utilization in CIFS you can transfer up to 30 MByte/s with the 3 drive array against the 16MByte/s with the same tree disks in the old NS4300N.


Test after the finish of the expand raid array task.

The eSata port in the back is a plus; you can use it to expand the internal storage or to backup all your PCs at the same time as I’ve done.



You can plug-in an eSata hard drive for the back-up task and remove to place in a different room or in your closed parking space.

As I’ve read on internet “the world is divided in two groups of people, who has already lost data and who will lose it”.

Someone don’t understand the difference from High Availability (RAID 1,5,6,10) and Backup, the most frequent phrase is “I’ve a RAID 1 or 5, I don’t need backup”, but let me ask you where you can find your data when someone steal your drive or when you accidentally delete all your folders?

Tips of the day: Backup your data!!!


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