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A clarification about Liquid Music, is only a new way to call music files downloaded from internet or ripped from CD, the reference to something that you can’t take in your hand (like a CD) is not immediate and someone asked me about it.
I think that is incorrect because you can catch your “new liquid music” in a USB Pen Drive, like your “old liquid music” in CDs but are only words, the only difference is the way you access to your store and use your collection.
DacMagic is the name of my latest upgrade to my Hi-Fi that now is composed by an integrated amplifier, the McIntosh MA6300, and a pair of Chario Constellation Pegasus.


Produced by Cambridge audio  is packed with features and very cheap, it has USB input for PC and MAC, dual SPDIF and Toslink for digital input and one for digital output, balanced and unbalanced output with a Texas Instrument TMS 320VC5501 DSP upsampling to 24bit 192KHz and a dual Wolfson WM8740 24bit Digital to Analog Converter.


Digital music sources are Apple PC Mac Mini and Super Audio CD Player HD950 by Samsung.

I use both iTunes and XBMC with apple PC because I need to update iTunes archive to maintain synchronized the iPod touch and the Apple TV in my living room and with XBMC I can play every type of files, also Flac and Hi-Res Files with the simple use of the Apple Remote from my armchair!

First difference since I switch from analog output of the Mini direct connected to unbalanced input of the McIntosh to DacMagic with USB connection and a balanced cable to the preamplifier section of the MA6300 is a wide response with very deep bass frequency never heard before.

Changing from the USB connection to Toslink I gained to ability to send Hi-Res Music in 24bit – 96KHz to the DAC without conversion and the result is a very clear/transparent music message with a perfect instruments position.

Some Tips to convert file:

FLAC with a MAC – you can use Toast, it insert automatically your tracks in iTunes
ALL Formats with PC – I use xrecode to convert between all the existing file formats

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