High-Performance PCIe SSD

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Needing more space and speed on my home PC, it runs a VMware lab (Workstation 11.2), HP Z600 with dual Xeon E5520 24GB of RAM, SSD Hard Drive SATA 256GB and a 1TB Seagate, I purchased a Kingston 480GB M.2 SSD PCIe card.


I chose this card because it is the most efficient and relatively inexpensive card that does not have problems booting from a not UEFI BIOS.

HyperX-PredatorFirst of all, I decided to check the performance of the new entry with an IOPS test @ 4K, setting 100 % read and 100 % sequential in Iometer parameter, the result was well above OCZ SSD disk with about 45K IOPS .

I then tested all three disks in a real lab situation, setting 16 workers with 100% random access to 32K and with 33% writing.









HarDiskThe results show twice the performance of the SSD drive (also due the limitations of the SATA controller on the motherboard) and an impressive gap with the traditional disk.



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