Windows 2019 Insider Preview and Project Honolulu

Published by Andrea on

I’ve done some tests with the build 17623 and the latest Project Honolulu management interface.
I’ve created a LAB with 3 VMs on VMware ESXi 6.5 with 2 SSD and 3 SATA LUN to test the Hyper-Converged Cluster and Deduplication on Cluster Shared Volumes with ReFS.
The Windows 2019 installation is very quick for both version, with or without Desktop Experience.


Project Honolulu is very simple to install and use in my management workstation, the user interface is clean but not stable with all browsers.

I’ve used it to add the 3 nodes hci1, hci2, and hci3 as a standalone server and install all the necessary roles (Data Deduplication, File and iSCSI Services, File Server, Hyper-V, Network Controller, Storage Replica, Network Virtualization and Failover Clustering).


If you try to create a cluster in this configuration you’ll receive some error about the drive compatibility. 

From Powershell, I’ve created a cluster without disks and added them later, as explained in this post

I’ve changed few things in the script, the node name, the IP for the static address, the volumes definitions and how to identify the disk to set as HDD (Get-Physicaldisk | where MediaType –eq “Unspecified”| Set-PhysicalDisk –MediaType HDD) because the SSD LUNs was correctly identified.

The 3 volumes created of 400GB in CSVFS_ReFS had PhysicalDiskRedundancy set to 1, deduplication enabled and all the SSDs in the cluster are used as Journal disks.

Now I have an Hyper-Converged Cluster to add to my Project Honolulu console and I started to create VMs.

ProjectHonolulu_2 ProjectHonolulu_3

Now I’ve tested the resiliency with a down of a cluster node, moving a virtual machine that is receiving files on sharing folders.

ProjectHonolulu_4 ProjectHonolulu_5 ProjectHonolulu_6 ProjectHonolulu_7 

Everything was ok, at the end of Resync and Repair tasks the cluster seems to work correctly but the network usage was very heavy.


Project Honolulu actually doesn’t cover all the configurations, so you need to use PowerShell for some tasks, Windows 2019 Insider preview instead give me a good feeling and now I’ll try the storage replica to test also this feature of this beta (and basic) Hyper-Converged solution.