High-Performance PCIe SSD

Needing more space and speed on my home PC, it runs a VMware lab (Workstation 11.2), HP Z600 with dual Xeon E5520 24GB of RAM, SSD Hard Drive SATA 256GB and a 1TB Seagate, I purchased a Kingston 480GB M.2 SSD PCIe card. I chose this card because it is the most efficient Read more…

Pure Storage test

I’m looking for an all-flash storage array to replace our SAN Storage NetApp for Server and VDI virtualization with VMware. I asked Pure Storage for a POC. They send us a FlashArray FA-420 with 2 controller, both with 2 10Gbit iScsi NIC and 2 16Gbit FC HBA, and a shelf with SSD Disk. Read more…

Play around with Simpana Workflow and Enterprise Vault

Configuring our new enterprise level backup software, CommVault Simpana v10 R2, to backup Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV), I choose to use the workflow engine.

At this time, there isn’t a useful guide about this feature of Simpana so I’ve prepared this tutorial.

I started extracting the powershell commands from EV Server to set Backup mode and revert it:

  1. Set-ExecutionPolicy -executionpolicy allsigned
  2. cd .\Reports\Templates
  3. .\Transform-Backup.ps1

EV Admin Console Commands


Riverbed SteelStore Virtual Appliance 8TB now free

(UPDATE: NetApp has announced the acquisition of Riverbed Technology’s SteelStore and removed the virtual appliance version) With the latest release of the Riverbed SteelStore virtual appliance (3.1.2C), formerly named Whitewater, a free license for 8 TiB of deduplicated and compressed data in the cloud is now included  by default. From release notes: 2) Read more…

3D Printing

I was very intrigued by the possibilities offered by the new 3D printing services so I tried one that, reading on various forums, seemed to have a good following. The service offered is through the website: http://www.shapeways.com First of all, I checked which types of files are supported and the Read more…

Implementing AsteriskNow 3 64bit

I’m looking for a IP-PBX to change the old traditional SIEMENS PBX and this is the note that I write down during installation and configuration. Create a Virtual Machine on ESXi 5.1 with CentOS profile and 2vCPU. Using the ISO downloaded from the AsteriskNOW web site, boot into the installation Read more…

OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1 Installation

Packages to be installed OnCommand Unified Manager Core 5.1 Data Fabric Manager (web application) Operation Manager (web application) Management Console – install to your workstation Windows PowerShell Cmdlets OnCommand Unified Manager Host package for 5.1 Interface to the Virtual Center (service on the server) System Specifications Having to handle twelve Filer, I Read more…